The Edlesbray Players have been putting on pantomime's in Eaton Bray since 1994.
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2005 - Mother Goose

From Focus Magazine, March 2005

Our recent production of Mother Goose is now put to bed and I would like to thank all those who made it a success. As this was my final Panto, I was pleased that people did seem to enjoy themselves. After 13 years I have put away my Panto. pen, folded up the directors chair and hung up the vacancy notice any takers?

I am still involved with the Edlesbray Players doing other things and do so hope that we will find someone to take the Panto side of things on it would be a shame for it to fold up as it does bring different elements of the villages together.

Thank you to all of you who have supported the project over the years, whether cast, helpers or audience without your support we would not have been able to help Eaton Bray Village Hall with the refurbishment. We wish the Management Team good luck with their efforts on the next phase.

We do hope to have a Patriotic Revue on 7th May when we will be celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the end of WW2 make a note in your diary and watch this space!

Thank you all
Val Trantum

Cast Photos

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PANTO 05 (35)PANTO 05 (36)PANTO 05 (37)

PANTO 05 (38)PANTO 05 (39)PANTO 05 (40)

PANTO 05 (41)PANTO 05 (42)PANTO 05 (43)

PANTO 05 (44)PANTO 05 (45) 

Producer's Thanks

Once again I find myself thanking all those folk who have helped put this show on the road, particularly as this year they overcame the various difficult set-backs that this production has suffered.

We do hope that you approve of your changed surroundings and thank you all for your continued support which has allowed us, in turn, to help the Hall Trustees in their efforts to make this Hall a more pleasant place in which to meet.

The current phase of the project is to renew the toilets and kitchen area and this is set to cost about 50,000; so if anyone would like to help support the fund raising team in their efforts, please have a word with any of the front of house on duty, they'll be delighted to see you.

You will see that the Young Players continue to flourish and I must particularly thank Wendy and Malcolm for their tireless work with the youngsters - they now outnumber us old fogies, some of whom can still remember playing in the first production in 1994.

If you are interested in our history and future events, you will be able to find us (shortly) on our website,

Val Trantum