The Edlesbray Players have been putting on pantomime's in Eaton Bray since 1994.
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1994 - Cinderella

Advert in Focus Magazine, March 1994

Cinderella Advert

Cast Photos

Cinderella Cast Photo

Cinderella Cast Photo

Cinderella Cast Photo

Cinderella Cast Photo

From Focus Magazine, March 1994

St Mary's Pantomime Group

May I say a very big thank you to all those villagers who supported this, our first event. The response to our please for curtains and paint etc. were very heart warming as were the good wishes along the way. The ticket sales proved that we had your support, it made it all worthwhile.

The aim to make a little money for the church fabric fund was secondary to that of providing the village with a pleasurable past time – I hope you feel that we succeeded.

My thanks also to the cast for their enthusiasm and endeavour in translating the script – to Iain Stubbs without whom we should have all come to a sticky end – to Danny Dawson for her superb work in the wardrobe department – to Pauline Hellard who ‘played’ in late as a life saver – to Percy Moore and Alan Trantum for their time and effort in scenery building – to all those who backed up in so many ways to make the show a success and lastly a big thank you to my spouse for putting up with me and ‘it’ and to all my once were friends who encouraged me with the project throughout.

A belated Happy New Year to you all. Val Trantum.

... and thank you Val for giving us all an enjoyable night out in the Village. The proceeds of the Pantomime which amounted to approximately £800 are going towards a glass screen in the organ loft to reduce drafts in that area! Ed.


They were wonderful – oh no they weren’t – OH YES THEY WERE! What am I talking about? Pantomime ‘Eatonborough’ style of course!

I took two of my grandchildren who sat spellbound! (The other two were taken on Saturday afternoon and were equally dumbstruck apparently!) ‘Dumbstruck’ is not perhaps quite the word, as the Friday night audience boo-ed, hissed and shouted, particularly at the two very ugly, and superbly over the top, sisters! They were aptly named Topheavier and Bumelda, and both lived up to their names. The script was adhered to, left, and at times abandoned altogether, much to the delight of the audience.

The main characters were charmingly portrayed, and how nice not to have a disappointed Buttons and indeed, a Prince who did not want to be married in the first place!

A very original idea, which was staged with a high degree of enthusiasm, ingenuity and great gusto. There were lovely ‘twists’ of characters who have not been in other ‘variations’ which I have seen.

'Me and mine' (as opposed to ME and HIM) had a thoroughly good evening which we shall laugh about many times in the future. Our thanks and congratulations go to Val Trantum and the whole team. Ann Worley.

PS Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer will never be the same again.

From The Citizen, Thursday January 13, 1994

Suprises from Cinders

CINDERELLA might go to the ball, but there are a few suprises along the way.

The newly-formed St Mary’s Panto Group, in Eaton Bray, presents its own version of the traditional pantomime tomorrow and Saturday at the village hall.

Writer and producer Val Trantum promises plenty of local references – and an unexpected ending.

“It’s a real village production. Local people were keen to get involved – the cast ranges from local brownies right up to people in their 60s,” she told the Citizen after a hectic dress rehearsal at the weekend.

“It’s our first pantomime and it’s already a sell-out, so everyone is really looking forward to it.”

Cinderella shows tonight at 7pm and tomorrow at 2.30pm and 8pm.

Cinderella (Lynda Coates) with Fairy God-daughter (Laura Wilkinson) and Buttons (Sonia Westcott) - Picture: David Langfield
Cinderella (Lynda Coates) with Fairy God-daughter
(Laura Wilkinson) and Buttons (Sonia Westcott).

Brownies prepare for their roles as fairies in Cinderella - Picture: David Langfield
Brownies prepare for their roles as fairies in Cinderella.

Pictures: David Langfield